Locksmith Tips: Ignition Switch Repairs

//Locksmith Tips: Ignition Switch Repairs

Locksmith Tips: Are you worried you have a broken ignition switch?

Has your key been giving you trouble when you try to turn your car on? Do you find yourself having to jiggle the key inside the ignition switch just to take it out?

As a professional locksmith in Miami I can confidently say these are problems of a worn out ignition switch! If you find yourself having to jiggle your keys inside the ignition switch then don’t wait to fix it before you find that your key won’t turn at all!

Without the key turning your car isn’t going to turn on, so that’s quite a big problem you could avoid by getting an ignition switch repair before it gets too late. Save yourself now from the emergency later.

What a professional locksmith can do for you

By calling a professional locksmith you can save yourself the hassle of having your car towed to a repair shop.

A locksmith can assess your vehicle and offer his opinion on the best method of execution.

I have replaced thousands of ignition switches for thousands of troubled travelers; all with little hassle and a short wait!

What an ignition switch repair can bring you

A lot of people aren’t aware of the potential damage neglecting a damaged ignition switch can bring.

When I service the people of Miami who are stuck they always tell me their car had been giving them trouble for a long time- until it finally broke.

An ignition switch repair is relatively cheap and is finished quickly. It also saves you the anxiety a broken car can give you.

What can a locksmith do?

When your locksmith arrives he will examine your ignition switch and troubleshoot the problem. Once he discovers the issue he’ll act accordingly.

With a damaged ignition cylinder the key has a very rough time fitting correctly into the ignition switch. A locksmith can simply replace the damaged switch with a new one.

This will allow the key to fit in and out smoothly.

What can cause an ignition switch to not work?

There are a number of things that can be the cause of an ignition switch not working.

Sometimes, and for some cars, the steering wheel needs to be straight in order for the key to turn. If your ignition switch isn’t working, try adjusting the steering wheel.

A worn out transponder can also cause one to not work, try using a metal copy of the key.

Broken wire connections are another possible contributor. Usually the wire that connects the tumbler assembly to the electrical ignition can get disconnected.

Lastly and simply, dirt or dust can easily disable an ignition switch from working. Check the insides for dirt accumulation and try cleaning up a bit, maybe that will work for you.


A broken ignition switch can be the most frustrating thing to greet your day. Take the step forwards to secure yours. Contact me for any questions or comments regarding the repair, upkeep or overall knowledge of your ignition switch today!


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