Dodge Car Keys

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Dodge Car Locksmith Services


Stuck Ignition, Lost Car Keys, or Locked out of your Vehicle? Key-less Entry Remotes, Transponder Keys, Key Cutting, Key Programming & Key Replacement starting at  $39.99

Dodge Car Keys

Expert Car Locksmith offers all services for your Dodge key needs. We at Expert Car Locksmith have quality, qualified technicians that have extensive experience with all Chrysler brands of car keys and locking systems. You can be confident you are getting the service you are looking for with Expert Locksmith.

Expert Locksmith services the Miami Metropolitan area for any of your Dodge car key needs.

Most Common Dodge Car Locksmith Services

  • Dodge High Security Keys
  • Dodge Broken Key Removal
  • Dodge Car Locksmith Services
  • Dodge Door Lock Repair
  • Dodge Emergency Locksmith
  • Dodge High Security Keys Cutting
  • Dodge High Security Keys Programming
  • Dodge Ignition Installation
  • Dodge Ignition Rekey
  • Dodge Ignition Repair
  • Dodge Ignition Replacement
  • Dodge Ignition Switch Key Replacement
  • Dodge Key Cutting (with/without chip)
  • Dodge Key Duplication (with/without chip)
  • Dodge Key Programming
  • Dodge Keyless Entry Remote Cutting
  • Dodge Keyless Entry Remote Programming
  • Dodge Keyless Entry Remote Replacement
  • Dodge Lock Out
  • Dodge Lock Pick
  • Dodge Locked Vehicles Opening
  • Dodge Lockout Service
  • Dodge Lost Car Keys
  • Dodge Lost Keys
  • Dodge Re-Flash ECU
  • Dodge Rekey (Ignition/locks)
  • Dodge Remote/Key Replacement
  • Dodge Replacement Keys (Lost, Broken, Worn Keys)
  • Dodge Transponder Key Cutting (with/without chip)
  • Dodge Transponder Key Programming
  • Dodge Trunk Lock Out

Locksmith Services Available for Following Dodge Models:

Dodge 1500 (Argentina, rebadged Hillman Avenger,1971–1980) Dodge Dart (Brazil, 1970–1981) Dodge Ram (1981–present)
Dodge 1500 (Colombia, rebadged Hillman Avenger,1973–1978) Dodge Dart (Colombia, rebadged Dodge Aspen, 1976–1982) Dodge Ram Rumble Bee (2004-2005)
Dodge 1800/Polara (Brazil, rebadged Hillman Avenger,1973–1981) Dodge Dart (Spain,1965–1970) Dodge Ram Wagon (1981–2003)
Dodge 330 (1963–1964) Dodge Daytona (1984–1993) Dodge Ramcharger (1974–1993)
Dodge 3700 (Spain, 1971–1978) Dodge Deluxe (1946-1948) Dodge Rampage (1982–1984)
Dodge 400 (1982–1983) Dodge Demon (1960–1976) Dodge Regent (Canada 1946–1959)
Dodge 440 (1963–1964) Dodge Diplomat (1977–1989) Dodge Route Van (1948–1959)
Dodge 600 (1983–1988) Dodge Durango (1998– 2009, 2011–present) Dodge Royal (1954–1959, see also 1955–1957 Dodge)
Dodge 880 and Custom 880 (1962–1965) [1] Dodge Dynasty (1988–1993) Dodge Senior (1927–1930)
Dodge A100 (1964–1970) Dodge Eight (1930–1933) Dodge Series 116 (1923–1925)
Dodge Alpine (Colombia, rebadeged Simca 1307, 1977–1982) Dodge Fast Four (1927–1928) Dodge Series 126 (1926–1927)
Dodge Aries (1981–1989) Dodge Husky – Based on the Hillman Hunter (South Africa)* Dodge Polara y Coronado (Argentina,1968–1980) Dodge Shadow (1987–1994)
Dodge Aspen (1976–1980) Dodge Intrepid (1993–2004) Dodge Sierra and Suburban (1957–1959, see also 1955–1957 Dodge)
Dodge AT4 and D5N Trucks (Australia, 1959–1979) Dodge Journey (2009–present) Dodge Six (1929–1949)
Dodge Avenger (1995–78909, 2008–2014) Dodge Kingsway (Canada 1946–1952) Dodge Spirit (1989–1995)
Dodge Caliber (2007–2012) Dodge Lancer (1961–1962, 1985–1989) Dodge Sprinter (2003–2009 as rebadged Mercedes-Benz Sprinter)
Dodge Caravan and Mini-Ram Van (1984–present) Dodge Magnum (1978–1979, 2005–2008) Dodge St. Regis (1979–1981)
Dodge Challenger (1970–1974, 1978-1983, 2008-Present) Dodge Matador (1960) Dodge Standard (1928–1929)
Dodge Challenger (1970–1974, 1978–1983 as rebadged Mitsubishi Galant, 2008–present) Dodge Mayfair (Canada 1953–1959) Dodge Stealth (1991–1996 as rebadged Mitsubishi GTO)
Dodge Charger (1966-1977, 1982-1987, 2006-Present) Dodge Meadowbrook (1949–1954) Dodge Stratus (1995–2006)
Dodge Charger (1966–1978, 1983–1987, 2006–present, see also Dodge Super Bee) Dodge Mirada (1980–1983) Dodge Utility – Based on the Chrysler Valiant (Australia, 1967–1976)
Dodge Colt (1971–1994 as rebadged Mitsubishi Galant, Mirage and Lancer models) Dodge Model 30 (1914–1922) Dodge Venom (1994)
Dodge Conquest (1984–1986 as rebadged Mitsubishi Starion) Dodge Monaco and Royal Monaco (1965–1978, 1990–1992) Dodge Victory (1928–1929)
Dodge Coronet (1949–1959, 1965–1976, see also 1955–1957 Dodge and Dodge Super Bee) Dodge Neon (1995–2005, see also Dodge SRT-4) Dodge Viper
Dodge Coronet (Colombia, rebadged Dodge Diplomat, 1978–1982) Dodge Nitro (2007–2012) Dodge Viper (1992–present)
Dodge Crusader (Canada 1951–1958) Dodge Omni (1978–1990, see also Dodge 024) Dodge Viscount (Canada 1959)
Dodge Custom (1946-1948) Dodge Phoenix (Australia, 1960–1973) Dodge Wayfarer (1949–1952)
Dodge Custom Royal (1955-1959) Dodge Polara (1960–1973)
Dodge D Series (1961-1980) Dodge Polara (Colombia, rebadged Hillman Avenger facelift, 1978–1980)
Dodge D50 (Ram 50) (1979–1993) Dodge Power Wagon (1946-1980, 2003-present)
Dodge Dart (1960–1976, 2013–present) Dodge Raider (1987–1989 as rebadged Mitsubishi Pajero)
  Dodge Raider (1987–1989)

Lost Dodge Car Keys, or Need to Get a Duplication?


Programing, Rekeying ignition,and locks

From the Dodge Model, any Year, the Oldest to the Newest.




Known Issues with Dodge Ignitions / Lock:

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