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When deciding on a home security alarm system you have the option of going with a wired system or a wireless system.

Deciding on the two if you aren’t familiar with the specifics of each can be risky for both you and your home. As the device meant to keep your home safe you want there to be no errors.

Wired Alarm Security Systems Pros

Now while it may seem old fashioned a wired alarm security system has its benefits, as well as its setbacks.

A wired system works by placing sensors around your house with wires leading back to the main box. Additional security equipment like motion sensors and cameras can be added to the main box. The wires are usually hidden behind walls or under floorboards, requiring drilling.

One of the benefits of having a wired alarm security system is its ability to withstand interference from other electrical devices using a wireless reception. Baby monitors are one thing that can interfere with a wireless reception (see wireless alarm security system below) and trigger an alarm.

Another good thing is that if a burglar saw your alarm and had access to any of the wires and cut them an alarm would trigger. This is very important because a burglar isn’t able to get away with disabling your alarm because you’ll be notified immediately.

Wired Alarm Security Systems Cons

The main con here is the amount of time it can take to install a wired security system in your house with all the drilling required. Drilling is also another thing some people don’t like.

Wired alarm security systems are also very hard to relocate. What takes hours to set up takes hours to take down.

Wireless Alarm Security Systems Pros

With a wireless security system signals are sent to the main panel from sensors around the house. With a wireless system no drilling is required so the set-up isn’t nearly as complicated as a wired security system is.

Wireless systems are also much easier to relocate.

Wireless Alarm Security Systems Cons

Everything has its ups and downs. One of the cons of a wireless system is its ability to pick up interference from other devices using a wireless signal. This can trigger an alarm, which you don’t want.

A wireless system can also be disabled easier, but truthfully most thieves are turned off to alarm systems wired or not, and many don’t have the knowledge to properly disable one.

Which One is Best?

The better of the two is relative to your home. Many old homes are not fit for drilling due to the age. If you are having a home built you can have it built with wires already so the installation of a wired security system can be fairly simple if you prepare the right way.

Large homes can have wifi issues, meaning a wireless system can have some sensors with stronger reception than others further throughout the house.

Wireless alarms are also a bit more costly, but based on your home and personal preferences either two can provide you with great security.


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